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Review: Collab Jacket w/ Popcorn Museum

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

I finally got my own designed jacket!!!

I thought it'd be nice to review it since I believe there are many from overseas who aren't familiar to the company and it's concept. Plus the blogging side in me is itching to use this feature on my site lol

First of all, thank you to everyone who ordered this jacket and made it possible to become an actually made item! My first thought when seeing it in person was just "wow, it happened...!" Also seeing something I designed, and having it in my hands was a feeling I can't describe in words other than, it felt amazing (∗ ´꒳`∗)

The tag with their logo

Did I mention I love the fabric?

The jacket is made with a crispy nylon, which is water resistant.

It rains a lot where I am, so this is a big plus! Also the fabric feels very soft and smooth, very comfy to wear!

I was surprised at how light and thin it was!

Yet it felt very warm when wearing it.

The size, it's free size, which is common in Asia.

As this company is based in Japan and is catered to the Japanese though, their clothes are definitely smaller even amongst other Asian countries so I was hoping that these jackets would be bigger, tbh much bigger. I was mostly concerned for those who aren't of Asian descent or petite.

On me it does fit very loosely but still not as big as I hoped for. Also, I guess I got an ass with mass or something because that's the only area that wasn't loose LOL *not gonna stop doing my squats tho-

For reference I am 5'4'' / 165cm

The zipper flows very smoothly, which is very important!

The zipper ring is smaller than expected, but I wasn't specific about it either.

The straps, they were able to get the exact color I hoped for and they even added the metal ends on them

which I didn't ask for, but was great to tie off the ends and give it a finished look!

I also love how much you can cinch in the waist. Even when wearing a jacket you can still show off those curves <( ̄︶ ̄)>

The design, being able to replicate a drawing into a piece of clothing so accurately (they even got the slop of the bottom pockets down!) is amazing. There were a couple details missing from the initial design though, such as the extra print on the chest pocket tab, snap buttons for the pockets (some people asked me about it, I'm sorry it wasn't included T^T) and placement of the pocket straps. But I must say it was also due to my inexperience in what to details to provide and negligence in checking over the sample photos, there's only so much you can check over without seeing it in person. However, I'd like to remind everyone and myself that I had to keep in mind that all emails exchanged were in Japanese - which I am not fluent in - so this jacket with the design it had, was a bit more complicated, and yet it turned out true to picture!

Final thoughts,

Despite the size and missing minor details, I'd say Popcorn Museum is an amazing company. A very unique one at that. How many companies would allow l i t e r a l l y free reign for their designers, who have no experience in making clothing? Yet, they are able to make these designs happen, as accurately as they can. The illustrators that they have on board for collabs also range from any amount of followings and I love that about them. They really give such an amazing opportunity and I'm so grateful that I was able to work with them.

This was the first time I've got to design a jacket - a techwear inspired design at that - so there was much to learn from this and honestly I'd change a few things with this very design if given the chance. But I hope to be able to design more in the future and improve on my designs each time!

Overall, I'm happy with the jacket, it looks hella sleek and cool if I say so myself, and I'm glad others have been happy with it too. It's a pricey jacket, so to all those who ordered, I'm so thankful that you guys enjoy my design and support my work!

I will do my best on the next opportunity I get so please look forward to it!




If you'd like to order this jacket, there's still a limited quantity left!

(I'm not sure how many, at this point, I think 10?)

Original Illustration

Company taken photos: Black x Red ver.

Company taken photos: White x Purple ver.

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