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Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Hello and thank you for your interest in my jacket design!

[UPDATE : July 24, 2021]


Thank you for all your reservations! From today on, there will only be a limited stock available for orders as pre-orders have officially closed. Orders are expected to ship in September!

And... FINALLY! PHOTOS!!! I'm impressed with how it looks so close to the drawing!


Length: 72 cm / 28 inches

Width: 55 cm / 22 inches

Sleeves: 60 cm / 24 inches


[UPDATE : June 1, 2021]


I've been updated that many suppliers and manufactures in Japan have been heavily affected by COVID-19 so the process has been delayed :(

However, they have shared with me prototypes of designs prior to mine so they are working on it as fast as they can! Until then, orders will continue to be open and I will update this page as soon as I have more news.

Thank you for your patience and understanding (ᐤˊ꒳ˋᐤ)♡

[UPDATE : April 6, 2021]


  • Jacket material is made of crispy nylon which is water resistant.

  • Pockets are closed with snap buttons rather than velcro for more pocket security and longevity (plus nylon gets kinda gross after a while). (edit: after receiving the jackets myself, I'd like to confirm that this feature was not added :<)

  • Photos will be released soon once the prototype is completed.

  • Estimated shipping date is not set but will be sometime in June!

Thank you so much for all the orders ♥

I've gotten a lot of emails and questions regarding it and the shipping process so here's a post to sum up as much as I can.

You can order the jacket HERE


(as of March 23, 2021)


Please read to understand how the process works!

Reservation phase:

▸ Similar to a pre-order, your order is to ensure the funds to create the item. If we do not reach the goal, funds are returned back to your account. (We are currently 17 orders away from hitting the mark!!!)

Production phase:

▸ Once production is confirmed, orders will be open for another month (all of May). Once orders are closed they will no longer be made, making this a limited edition item.


▸ My style leans towards a simpler version of techwear and if we were to be extremely technical I wouldn't be able to fit it in the 180 character limit of a twitter post. It is techwear aesthetic and inspired. I am a designer and the company (popcornmuseum) handles the distribution and production.


▸ As I am only a designer, this limits me. I had plans for D clasps, velcro amongst other features but of course to limit the cost and complexity the of the design, it needed revisions on behalf of me and the manufacturer. The company lives true to artist designs, that I can vouch for. But the smaller details such as pocket level security etc. I cannot give a hard answer.

▸ The hood is removable, the straps are adjustable aside from the bottom ones that are sewn to the pockets (this was one of the revisions I had to change, I wanted them to be removeable/adjustable as well).

SIZE: free size, one size fits all, if u small it big, if u big... it still pretty big. Clear measurements will be provided once production is confirmed.


▸ The company ships domestically only. I offered suggestions to those who would like to order from outside Japan, via proxy services such as:

Tenso (tutorial below)

Whiterabbitexpress (most expensive, but easiest option, they pretty much order for you)

Please research and decide what works best for you!

Future Merchandise & Plans:

▸ I would like to design more in the future as my own personal goal. If this is a success I will have more opportunities to collaborate with the company. I would like to have my own brand in the future, dealing with my own manufacturer etc. but that's one of my big goals and making it happen is harder said than done. The matter of it being possible is a different story and relies heavily on the support I receive from my followers.

Each order also comes with this illustration card!


For ordering the jackets, and in general.

I am only familiar with Tenso but I've heard good things about Zen Market and plan to try it myself.

Aight, so google translate IS. YOUR. FRIEND.

I'm not going to go over how to sign up as these services are catered to westerners so it shouldn't be difficult.

1. So after you create your Tenso account, under "My page" Tenso will provide an address and your own personal "mailbox" number (the TS105... one) so shipments can be directed to your home address. The rest of the info is prefecture, city postal code etc.

▸ Translated ver:

▸ Japanese ver:


▸ create membership

▸ Fill in the information, RED = required

▸ Once you fill in the postal code, most of it is autofill.

IMPORTANT: under additional address, remember to copy&paste the rest of the info. To be safe, Copy the entire strip under the box "additional address info" in the Japanese Version of your Tenso provided address.

▸ Check the box and hit the black box to finish registration

3. Confirm order

▸ Translate the page on google chrome and the rest is easy. Once you have an account, you can log in, go view your basket and check out.

▸ The information used when registering is saved.

▸ After confirming this, you will be asked for payment information. Some banks might decline if it thinks your purchase is sus(never purchased overseas, give them a call).

▸ Once you confirm this, you will be brought to the summary.

After you hit "Confirm your order" it has been placed!

NOTE: proxy sites get the item delivered to their warehouse, they then ship it to your address. They will charge their own fee according to the weight and type of shipping method you choose.

Now you can also do this on many other Japanese sites, buy all sorts of products and doujins to your hearts desire :D

Hope that was easy to understand!

Thank you to everyone who ordered!

I hope you'll love it ♥

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