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Welcome to The Z7 Project, a sticker-focused project that showcases exclusive sticker designs and collectible cards featuring original characters Nana and Zenith.

Nana: 7, なな, 七

Zenith: Z, the peak



Each theme will have a sticker pack release that includes unique stickers and a collectible card. Along with the packs, other items may also be released for a full collection!

Cards in each pack will be at random, although each theme will have it's own featured card design.


Instead of waiting for the full themed packs to drop, subscribe to a monthly sticker club Patreon!


Each month, members will receive 3-4 stickers plus the guaranteed themed card design. Once a terms has passed, it will not be revisted, so the earlier you join, the sooner you'll collect them all!


Members have a part of the project by voting and suggesting themes!

*Stickers in the monthly subscription will also be part of the full pack at a later date when released.

Themes & Designs

Explore the different released themes of the Z7 PROJECT and the items in each selected drop. You may also find the gallery of collectible cards only obtained through the project.