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  • The commissioner must understand that I cannot be rushed. It can take me 30 days or more before completing one.

  • If due dates are discussed, it is also the clients responsibility to ensure prompt communication. I will not be held responsible for late delivery.

  • I value communication so if there's any delay or details to mention of on my part, I will contact you.

  • All commissioners will be invoiced and payment is accepted through Wise bank transfers or Paypal. For large projects, payments can be made in two parts but must be paid in full before I start the commission.

  • Payments must be made within a reasonable timeframe or the commission will be cancelled and you will be moved to the end of the wait list or you will be required to resubmit your project.

  • I will not be responsible for any mistakes on the final version of any commission due to incorrect or missing information. It is the commissioner's responsibility to provide all relevant information when requesting a commission. 

  • The commissioner respects my artistic style cannot be altered. 

  • I reserve the right to reject critiques pertaining to artistic skill and stylization, and if the critique reduces the artistic quality of the piece. 

  • I do not do the following: furry, heavy mecha, elderly

  • R18 works will cost more.

  • All payments are via Bank transfers or Paypal and partial payments are allowed but must be paid in full before I start the commission. 


  • I reserve full rights to the image and its distribution and use and can post the artworks on any of my social media, this includes streaming the artwork. If there is a privacy request there may be a privacy fee charge.

  • Reposting with proper credit is ok but the commissioner must not claim my work as theirs.

  • Under no circumstances may the commissioner use commissioned image(s) for commercial or profit purposes, including prints and redistribution of the commissioned image(s) unless previously discussed. 

  • The commissioner may only use artwork that was created specifically for them, and are for the commissioner's personal use only, unless otherwise discussed. This includes wallpapers, cropping the image for avatars/icons, printing the image for personal display, etc. 

  • The commissioner may upload commissions as long as it is properly credited.

  • Commercial commissions will be at a higher rate. All discussions are through email. 

  • All Vtuber commissions are classified as commercial commissions.


  • Refunds are possible only for valid reasons and if I have not started on the commission/project.

  • In dire cases, a 50% refund is possible if only the sketch has been completed.

  • There are no refunds once the work is completed.

  • Rush fees are + 25% of the commission.

  • Estimated project start dates are on my commission page. However, in some cases I am able to accept a rush commission that would bring your queue up forward significantly.

  • Dates provided are subject to change, details are to be discussed should the client have set dates.


  • The commissioner is responsible for informing me with details such as the type of "feel/vibe" or color scheme etc. prior to starting. Character design fees will be applied if there's no existing design (ie. lack of references and information may result in a design fee).

  • After payment, each commission will start with a rough draft(s) that will be shared when it's at a point I am satisfied with. The commissioner can request revisions up to 4 times before the design is finalized. It is crucial to provide specific details during this stage.

  • During the rendering process, process shots may be provided. Only adjustments within reason are possible. Large changes will incur a fee.

  •  Any commission where I am not given specific reference of what character(s) is wanted is considered character design. PLEASE PROVIDE REFERENCE. It takes more work to conjure up a non-existing character. 



+ 100 - 300% commercial use of rights

+ 300% merchandise design rights per work

+ 50% rush fee (may increase depending on the time)

By commissioning me, it means you have read and accepted all the terms outlined above.



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